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Committee Assignments

Undergraduate Affairs Committee

Brian Hopkinson, Undergraduate Coordinator
Clark Alexander
Clifton Buck
Adrian Burd
Samantha Joye
Sarah Rivero-Calle
Patricia Yager
Daniela Di Iorio (ex officio)

Graduate Affairs Committee

Renato Castelao, Graduate Coordinator
Jay Brandes
Adam Greer
William Miller
Mary Ann Moran
Dan Ohnemus
Amanda Spivak
Daniela Di Iorio (ex officio)

Curriculum Committee

Adrian Burd, Chair
Renato Castelao
Brian Hopkinson
Jay Brandes
Marc Frischer
Clark Alexander
Devon Umstead, MSGSA representative
Daniela Di Iorio (ex officio)


Marc Frischer, Co-Chair
Patricia Yager, Co-Chair
Daniela Di Iorio (ex officio)

Space Committee

Adrian Burd, Chair
Merryl Alber
Patricia Medeiros
Daniela Di Iorio (ex officio)

Web Content

For updating the website contact:

News: Bev Vantine
Featured Students: Patricia Medeiros
Events: Bev Vantine
SkIO: Jay Brandes
Undergraduate Students: Brian Hopkinson
Graduate Students: Renato Castelao
Overall Webmaster: Adrian Burd

-Updated 08/03/2020

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